Common Strategies

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  • Regulations – Transport – General 1
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  1. Temperature Checks of all facility staff and users before entering the premises
  2. All frequently-touched surfaces and equipment (e.g. ticketing station, seat handles etc.) in the metro stations should disinfected / sanitized hourly.
  3. All staff members to wear gloves at all times
  4. The metro stations should regularly carry out disinfecting drills to ensure sanitation of high risk areas
  5. Staff to use non-contact frisking and baggage screening.
  6. Passengers should limit the need for the staff to touch items during baggage checks
  7. Body scanners to be sanitized after each use and to be used without touching the passenger
  8. Setting up a Staff Health Committee (SHC) for every metro station to monitor the status of health of all staff members and their families
  9. All staff members should monitor their own health for symptoms of COVID-19