Includes public and private clinics, hospitals & diagnostic centres.

Hand Washing

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  1. Encourage hand sanitization before entry & exit.
  2. Encourage hand sanitization before & after every interaction, like before coming to the registration desk.
  3. Toilets should be cleaned periodically using 0.5 % sodium hypochlorite or any other disinfectant prescribed by the MoHFW.
  4. Alcohol-based hand-rub to be available at all entry and exit points.
  5. Washing stations and toilets to be foot operated with soap.
  6. Clearly label handwashing stations as not to use for dispensing drinking water.
  7. Multiple-user handwashing stations should allow a minimum 1-meter free space.
  8. Taps that limit the risk of cross-contamination through touch, for example elbow/forearm operated taps, elbow/foot pumps or time delay self-closing taps, to be prioritized.
  9. The design of handwashing stations should allow easy regular cleaning/ disinfecting of taps, basins, soap dispensers and frequently touched surfaces.
  10. If basins drain into emptying buckets/containers, those collection containers should be easily accessible. If no drainage is possible on site, soakaway pits to pour or pipe the wastewater into should be built using rocks/coarse gravel.